The Collateral Benefits of SEO

Companies that obsess over website rankings in search engine results pages are missing the big picture. Search engine optimization and Internet marketing is so much more than rankings. That said, while it’s short-sighted to simply look at search engine positions, being ranked on the first page and the associated tactics used to market websites can lead to…


Where does the average business person learn about SEO techniques?

I spend a lot of time providing consulting services to small businesses and educating potential clients about search engine optimization (and SEO techniques in general). I’m often surprised by the (poor) quality of information they have. Throughout my years of SEO consulting, one of the greatest mysteries to me has been where these individuals get their information from. To be clear, by information, I mean misinformtation, dated information, harmful information, and the very common simplified information.

I honestly don’t know why but there are a handful of items that continue to be mentioned in my discussions with small business owners. The most popular include:


How to Choose an SEO Trainer

If you consider that search engine optimization is most likely the fastest growing area within the web design and website development industry, it’s actually surprising to find so few people who are qualified to teach it.

In fact, almost no one in the industry does teach it. SEO is a very nebulous topic and grasping the larger picture on multiple levels can be difficult in and of itself so trying to put the information into a cohesive training course is that much more complicated.

Take for instance some of the general factors that must be considered in an SEO training program.

  • The SEO as an art vs SEO as a science debate
  • Trying to fit SEO into a comprehensive marketing plan
  • The on-site SEO vs all-linking debate
  • White-hat SEO vs Grey-hat SEO vs Black-hat SEO
  • Internet marketing vs SEO

How to Get Out of Web Development Hell

I will begin this post with my definition of Website Development Hell:

A point at which crucial decisions must be made and actions taken in order for a website to be completed. It indicates that a project has been stalled for an extensive period of time, typically far longer than was expected at the outset. This is generally coupled with a lack of a clear view of how or when the website work will be completed.