I spend a lot of time providing consulting services to small businesses and educating potential clients about search engine optimization (and SEO techniques in general). I’m often surprised by the (poor) quality of information they have. Throughout my years of SEO consulting, one of the greatest mysteries to me has been where these individuals get their information from. To be clear, by information, I mean misinformtation, dated information, harmful information, and the very common simplified information.

I honestly don’t know why but there are a handful of items that continue to be mentioned in my discussions with small business owners. The most popular include:

  • “It’s the keywords, right, it’s all about sticking words all over,  just repeat them over and over, right?” (Wrong.)
  • “Let’s put white text on a white background so we can hide the important words there” (No.)
  • “The trick is how often the link in the search engine results page is clicked, right?”  (They are always surprised to learn that clicking your own link many times won’t count many times over.)
  • “Pay per click is tied to SEO, right? If I spend more money they give me a boost right?” (Wrong.)

These are SEO myths and misunderstandings. Who is telling people this!??!! The truth is that there are over a hundred factors involved in search engine optimization.

Attention Business Owners!

Perhaps it’s my competitors, who don’t really understand SEO who are telling people this. I really don’t know. If you’re a business owner, please add your comments as to how you first heard about SEO and the few techniques you actually know about. I’m willing to bet that there are more than a few people out there who would be interested.